Caroline, native western Parisian, studied in Paris, graduate of ecole of trade, worked several years as commercial and marketing person in charge for marks such as Hediard, Peter Stuyvesant Travel and other big groups.

Many journeys, meetings, and of discoveries, but his passion which always was to look for and to stage its finds, for her, then for his friends became over the years a full-time activity.

Having had antique stores, Caroline finally preferred to leave to the meeting of her customers through numerous lounges specialized in France as in England.

Her domains are as well vast as fascinating, she buys all which can please her: works of art, furniture, old and contemporary paintings barbotines, dinner services, glass factories, jewels art deco, lamps and all which touches the east.

Then she orchestrates the set on her shows by proposing every time a real mixture where she does not hesitate to marry works of art, furniture and old or contemporary paintings.

The list of shows in the section find Caroline in consultants Caroline exposes.

Caroline: Buy, Sells, Exposes and participates in the broadcast "Affaire Conclue", but Caroline also decorates hotel, house or apartment, can rent furniture and objects for a shooting of movie or an event, all this is possible on request.